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The Foundation is proud to announce our new Fall 2015 Intern

Joey Hardy


Joey Hardy was hired as the Foundation's Fall 2015 intern in Phoenix Arizona. Joey is currently a junior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University with an emphasis in broadcast production. He loves storytelling and being behind the camera and driving the action. He is glad to be able to advance his skills while working with KTVK. Joey currently works with KAET-PBS on the production crew for "Arizona Horizon" and many other PBS specials. Joey's passion is behind the scenes and working with PBS solidified that. He applied for this internship in hope of advancing his skills behind the camera and is excited to learn from some of the best in the business. Joey hopes to become a news or a sports producer for a major network one day and knows that this internship will help him reach his goals.


The Foundation is proud to announce our new Fall 2014 Intern
at KVTK-3TV!

Vianka Villa


Vianka Villa was recently hired as the Foundation's 4th fall intern at KTVK-3TV, Phoenix. Vianka is currently a senior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She is pursuing a B.A. in Broadcast and Digital Journalism. Along with her Foundation-funded internship, she is also working for ASU State Press as a multimedia producer and Arizona PBS’s public relations team. She says working as a photog intern has been a fun and learning experience. One of Vianka’s passions is creative storytelling. She strives to tell compelling stories that impact people. Eventually she hopes to be a multimedia and visual storyteller at a publication and continue to shoot documentaries. When she’s not working, Vianka also enjoys running marathons, biking and spending time with her family. She hopes to walk out of this internship with real hands-on experience and make great connections with other photographers.


The Foundation is proud to announce our new Fall 2013 Intern
at KVTK-3TV!

Gabriel Rodriguez

Gabriel Rodriguez on assignment
for KTVK with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

After an application and interview process, Gabriel Rodriguez was recently hired as the Foundation's 3rd fall intern at KTVK-3TV, Phoenix. Gabriel is currently a junior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. Along with his Foundation-funded internship, he is also working at KAET-PBS as part of the production crew for Arizona Horizon. Working at this job, he says, has opened his eyes to broadcast production, as will his internship at KTVK. Another one of his passions is taking photographs. He recently bought a 35mm film camera and has been enjoying using this, along with his Nikon DSLR. With all of these skills and experiences, Gabriel hopes to travel the world one day taking photographs and shooting documentaries. In his spare time, he also enjoys the outdoors and loves to hike, kayak and rock climb.


The Foundation is proud to announce our new Fall 2012 Intern
at KVTK-3TV!

Alan Michael Hersh

photoAlan Michael Hersh was born in Los Angeles, California. He first started video work with his father cutting highlights for his little league baseball team. In high school, he balanced AP and Honors classes with varsity football and the school newspaper. Alan produced all the football banquet highlight videos, including filming all the player and coach interviews. After a knee injury ruled out playing football in college, Alan decided to declare a journalism major, eventually choosing Arizona State's Walter Cronkite School. Though he started out on the print route, it only took one videography class to help him rediscover his love for video. Paired with a minor in film production, he developed a passion for visual storytelling. In his final semester of school, he's interning at 3TV in Phoenix through the Cox Foundation, filming a documentary for one of his classes and even learning some still photography. He hopes to walk out of his internship with a great reel that will get him a fantastic job.


The James Alan Cox Foundation Funds its First Internship
at KTVK-3TV, Phoenix

Jeremy Knop

photoAfter an application and interview process, KTVK hired its first Foundation-funded intern, Jeremy Knop. Jeremy started work at the station last August and continued there until this past December (2011). This new internship position, funded by the Foundation at Jim's TV station, is designed to teach students all aspects of television photojournalism and further their videography skills. While at the station, Jeremy worked closely with an assigned KTVK mentor and had the opportunity to work in a variety of departments (news, sports, entertainment, etc.). This annual internship is a paid position, with the student also receiving college credit.

Jeremy, who attended the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and just received his degree this past May, was born and raised in Montana and is an avid outdoorsman. He has also owned and operated a photography business and loves to photograph professional sports and landscapes. Jeremy told us that he is "fascinated by the challenges the news industry is currently experiencing and loves to work on stories that help people better understand the more complex issues of our time."

The Foundation's second annual internship at KTVK will begin in the fall. Many thanks to the station for all of their support, with particular thanks to Nick Nicholson, Lea-Ann Clement, Luis Olivas, Bill Fesh and Brad Remington.


The James Alan Cox Foundation
Donates Cameras to the
George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center

 Students in the SMILE program

This past fall, the James Alan Cox Foundation donated several gently-used high-quality 35 mm and digital cameras to the George Washington Carver Museum in Austin. These are to be used for the museum’s program SMILE. Offered twice a year for students ages 11 – 19, the program is a series of 35mm photography and darkroom workshops. Participants focus on the art and science of photography while gaining an awareness of cultural pride. The program is offered free of charge. With the gift of the Foundation’s cameras, the museum can make sure that each child has equipment to use. With the addition of the digital cameras, the program can also begin to expand its focus to include training in the digital medium.

Many thanks to all of the people who donated cameras to the Foundation. They are being put to good use!

Camera donors:
Steve Bodinet
Elizabeth Hawkins
Becky and Richard Herrington
Traci Kuhfuss
Mary Beth and Jeff Payne
David Pena
Diane and Stan Spence
Karen and Larry Turner
Vivienne and Bill Wardle


Arizona State University Editing Bay

Alan and Barbara Cox in front of the new Walter Cronkite School editing bay

Jim loved his college, Arizona State University, and was particularly proud of its journalism school, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The school recently moved to a wonderful new, state-of-the-art building in downtown Phoenix, in the center of the city's media market. With six stories and 223,000 square feet of space, it is as high tech and advanced as any professional TV station. The school's program, with its hands-on, practical approach to journalism, started Jim on his career in the early 90s, and gave him a solid foundation in the industry he so loved. Jim's family therefore thought it was appropriate to give back to his school and help as many students as possible with their own careers. In the summer of 2009, The James Alan Cox Foundation purchased an editing bay at the school. With this contribution, hundreds of students each year will have access to the latest equipment and technology. It is a gift that will provide opportunities for ASU students for years to come.


Pam Piffard, the photography teacher at Huntington High School, receives one of her new cameras, purchased by The James Alan Cox Foundation, from Len Totora of L&L Camera.

The James Alan Cox Foundation Donates Cameras to Huntington High School, Huntington, New York


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