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Gary Harper, KTVK reporter: photo

Having a bad day? Forget about it. Jimmy would slap you back into reality and push you harder than you thought you could be pushed. You loathed him for pushing ... but then at the end of the day and your news report had aired ... you loved him. You really did. You loved him ... and appreciated him for making you a better journalist that day than you thought you could ever be.

He was also a mechanical genius. He took the engine out of his VW van just so he could tinker with the parts. He put everything back together ... by the way. He also did the same thing with a motorcycle he had. As for his home ... what a nut. He added on to his house, but never hired a contractor. He obtained the permits and did everything on his own!! Everything!! Wiring, framing, everything. I asked him how did he learn to do such a thing ... and he simply replied, "I read books."

I could go on and on about Jimmy ... but I think you get the idea. He was such an incredible person who ran full-throttle all the time. Jimmy, you will be greatly missed...

I am a better person ... a better journalist ... knowing that he was in my life.

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